Canmore Real Estate Newsletter July 2019


January 1st to June 30th 2019 had 296 sales which is the 4th best of all time only trailing 2006 by 1 sale at 297, 2008 was 321 and 2017 was the top 1st half ever at 325.

In 2005 Canmore had a permanent population of 11,422 with 3,790 non permanent population and 5,147 total dwelling units

In 2014 Canmore had a permanent population of 13,077 with 3,890 non permanent population and 7,023 total dwelling units

In 2016 Census Canada did the census and noted that Canmore had a permanent population of 13,992 with 7,963 total dwelling units but our Active listings on July 1st 2005 was 292, July 2015 we had 281 , 2016 258, and July 1st 2019 we had 255 showing that even with the increase in population and number of dwelling units in Canmore the active listing inventory remains within historical averages. We have seen a pick up in interest in the higher end of our market through June and into July.  Could this be a result of a Provincial government change and Pipeline announcement or feeling the momentum that the Calgary market has had recently?

Typically, the 2nd half of the year trails the 1st half in sales volume by 7-9%. We are still seeing good strength from local buyers, interest rates have softened a bit helping with affordability, marginally, plus we are still seeing more baby boomers looking to call Canmore home either now or in the next 2 – 5 years. 

 Have a great Summer!!